Adhiyaman Public School Awarded with Another Golden Feather in Karate!

Over 1000 competitors from schools across India gathered this past week at Chennai Mayavaram Acharya MahashermaDehraband Jain Public School’s indoor stadium for a memorable edition of the 55thNational Karate Championship. The event was a big celebration for the competitors from Adhiyaman Public School, Uthangarai, as they turned out to be the big winners in the tournament. It was a historic moment for the school when the competitors went home with the championship.

The students competed in kata combat which describes the fundamental and choreographed movements essential to the martial art and saior kumite combats which are sparring against an opponent. They registered deserving performances with gold, silver and bronze medals and cups. The winners are as follows: Gold medalists: Pradeep (2), Ramakrishnan(1 gold, 1 silver), Sanjith Kumar (1), Prithiviraj (1), Naveen (1)

Silver medalists: Dhanushree (1 silver, 1 bronze), Raghavan, Meghanathan, Kishore (1 silver, 1 bronze), Sanjith Kumar, Sarveshwaran (1 silver, 1 bronze), Dileep((1 silver, 1 bronze)

Bronze Medalists: Kanishka, IniyaShivani, Rahul, Ram (2), Madhiyozhi(2).

The school and the winners were awarded with the Kyosi E Kycpiraj Cup and certificates. The winners were awarded and appreciated in a ceremony conducted in the school. The chairman of the Adhiyaman Group of Institutions, Dr. S ThirumalMurugan appreciated the coach Tamilselvan for training the students with maximum effort. The administrative officer of the institution, Mr. S. Ganapathi Raman, Principal, Mrs. Leena Jose and teachers appreciated the students for their effort and achievement.