Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

The teaching-learning environment in APS would be positive, inclusive, and stimulating. It would be in the line and instruction of the CBSE and would develop the most innovative child-centric classroom teaching methods. Adhiyaman Public School has partnered with XSEED Education to offer integrated CBSE curriculum through computer-aided solutions and envisage to provide world class education. Our in-class technology, provided by XSEED Education, equips the teachers to arrange various digital resources to understand the aptitude of each child and cater individual needs. Our online assessments and evaluation helps the teachers to judge and evaluate the true levels of learning. The process also results in the self-improvement of teaching towards efficiency.


The school has a well equipped library with a large stock of books including Encyclopedias,
Dictionaries, Fiction, and Reference Books. We subscribe a number of English dailies, magazines and journals. The system of bar coding is followed to facilitate the accession process, the stock taking and use by students and teachers. The school has classroom library for classes class I to VIII. Class libraries contain carefully chosen age-specific books and reference materials for daily use by students and teachers. An in house Library for reference purpose has also been set up in Science and Computer Laboratories.

Computer Education

APS Students are exposed to computers from Class I. It aims at making students use the computer both as a productive tool and as a means of creativity and self-expression. The curriculum encompasses technological skills based on themes that are current and meaningful. The program helps children build a solid foundation of fundamental learning skills and prepares them for the fast changing technology of today and the future.


  • Language Lab
  • Maths Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Research & Development Lab
  • Virtual Reality Lab

Other Important Curricular Areas

Vocal Music

Rudimentary lessons like Sarali Varisai, Alankaram, Krithis of many famous composers are introduced.

Arts and Crafts

International curriculum will be followed to promote aesthetic sense among the students and provide them a platform to express their ideas. There will be special rooms for music (western and classical), arts, and performing arts such as dance (Indian and western) and theatre and craft activities.

Bharatha Natyam

Basic footsteps like Thattadavu, Nattadavu, Mardhitha Adavu, Korvai etc., and the slokas accompanying the movements of hands and body are taught to the beginners. At an advanced stage, the learners are taught Pushpanjali, Alarippu, Jathiswaram etc.


It is used by students for informal and formal stage performances.

Creative Drama

Creative Drama is incorporated into the primary school curriculum and it proves to be an enjoyable learning experience for the students.

Public Speaking

Through debates and discussion, anchoring elocution, the students are trained and encouraged to be able to confidently express their views and ideas.