APS follows syllabus and curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The teaching methodology and the focus on the professional growth of the teacher would be integrated with the CBSE curriculum through the analysis of concepts, customized resource kits and use of technology. The teaching process is customized to suit the needs of the learners with an emphasis on thinking skills, life skills and knowledge related to real life. The curriculum from Nursery to Senior Secondary (class XI & XII) is divided into three levels - primary, elementary and secondary & Senior Secondary.

Elementary Level –Nursery to Class II

  • Exploring through discovery
  • Become emotionally independent
  • Learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Develop social skills

Primary Level – Class III to VIII

  • Exploring through learning
  • Encouraging holistic learning
  • Promote learning by project method, creative thinking and library research
  • Neighborhood learning and through information and Communication technology
  • Focus on formal learning of languages, mathematics, Science & Social Science

Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels – Class IX to XII

  • Beginning to understand basic concepts
  • Begin to show interest in specific curricular areas / subjects
  • Preparing to explore further
  • Nurturing to make the students technically proficient problem solvers and career minded
  • Guidance to make effective adjustments at home & school
  • Exposure to cultural arts, leadership training, yoga, meditation and health consciousness
  • Motivation to be original thinkers, self-disciplined and environmentally conscious