A month long celebration of culture, tradition and mythology is taking place at Adhiyaman Public School to cultivate knowledge and raise awareness about our rich Indian heritage.

The celebration under the name of ‘Margali Month’ kicked off on 16 December 2022 with an assembly involving prayers and singing dedicated to god Perumal and Goddess Aandal. The celebration has been centralized in the school’s morning assembly period hosted every day in an effort to further expand the reach of India’s deep –seeded culture.

The initiative is a part of the school’s bigger plan to cultivate an understanding of Indian culture and tradition in the minds of students, and the enthusiasm amongst students has been unprecedented. It is a positive step towards ensuring that young student familiarize themselves with the legends, stories, and values of our Indian culture and mythology.
We look forward to the wonderful rituals and traditional stories that will be shared and enjoyed throughout the month.